Closed  5/24 and  5/28-5/30

Small (3 Protein)       Large (4 Protein)

Step 1– Choose Base (White or Sushi Rice, Brown Rice, Spring Mix,  Half & Half)

Step 2– Choose Protein (Spicy Tuna, Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Spicy Shrimp & Krab,  Scallops, Albacore,                                                             Avocado, Pan Fried Tofu)

Step 3– Choose Any Toppings (masago, edamame,  corn, beansprouts, green onion, Krab , cucumbers, asian slaw, seaweed salad, wonton chips, onion & garlic crunch, nori, furikake, avocado ($1.95 extra), pineapples, jalepenos, ginger, and wasabi ) –    EXTRA Toppings $1.95

Step 4– Choose Sauce (Ginger Ponzu, Sesame Ponzu, Spicy Mayo, Teriyaki, Chojahng, Volcano, Crazy)

Daily Specials

Asian Chicken Salad NEW (everyday): charbroiled chicken, spring mix, edamame, cucumbers, asian slaw, red/grn onions, wonton chips, cilantro, pineapples, sesame seeds with Sesame Ponzu and dash of Teriyaki Sauce


Monday- Saturday Chicken or Beef Teriyaki  Bowl (with edamame, corn, cucumbers and noodles over rice drizzled with teriyaki sauce), and Asian Chicken Salad

Thursday –  Korean Bulgogi Taco (marinated Beef served with asian slaw in flour tortillas), Chicken or Beef Teriyaki Bowls, Asian Chicken Salad

FridayChicken Katsu (panko breaded chicken breast perfectly fried), Chicken or Beef Teriyaki Bowl, Asian Chicken Salad

(menu items change periodically for variety)